Testing could make a big difference in how the backup tool works.

Testing and teaching essential for data backup

Stephen Perkins

Having a great data backup plan can mean the difference between losing important information and keeping it, but Danne Buchanan, executive vice president and head of North American Operations for Fundtech, wrote on Bank Systems & Technology that testing and educating employees as to how to use this system is essential.

Whether the backup solution is for safety, protecting against disasters or guarding data against security threats, he wrote that dynamic or static testing should be built into a program to ensure the tools will work correctly in the event of a disruption. Either running a test to ensure success or really stressing the system to identify its limitations can be helpful for any business.

"In addition to regular testing and security measures, continual education of IT personnel is also a key factor in ensuring banks and service providers are properly prepared," Buchanan said. "While testing aims to stress systems and processes in case of a disaster, investing in a knowledgeable IT staff can actually serve as a preventative measure."

TechTarget said online data backup without testing may be slow, lack controls the organization is looking for and not protect data as well as the business wanted. If the restoration of data is moving too slow, companies may have a hard time becoming fully operational again.

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