The legal side of data management

The legal side of data management

Stephen Perkins

Security has been one of the pressure points for many companies when it comes to data management in modern markets, especially as breach, theft and exposure have led to significant economic losses in 2013. However, information governance is far more than a simple matter of protection, and instead transcends into general strategy, analysis and legal defense. 

Data discovery is one of the main emerging trends in corporate computing and IT management, as litigation proceedings continue to have more digital connotations. Decision-makers must ensure that their information governance approaches are executed in earnest, and that the general strategy enables more fluid reconciliation of electronic discovery requests. 

CIOs awaken to discovery
IDG News Service recently reported that Gartner is predicting that business intelligence vendors will begin to more aggressively tackle data discovery and management in the coming years, and that companies will also become more interested in solutions that can help overcome some of the challenges of litigation proceedings. With the rapidly expanding number of organizations that collect and store digitized information, more progressive management solutions will be needed to maintain and progress the status quo. 

According to the news provider, Gartner believes that all different types of instrumentation that generate or gather data will be targeted by the most advanced business intelligence solutions. While this aspect of data management is increasingly critical, organizations will need to integrate policies that relate back to disaster recovery and continuous information protection. 

Furthermore, the source noted that Gartner is calling for a dramatic shift away from IT-centric data management solutions and toward business-user-centric ones. For example, the new models of both development and utilization will be far more structured and governed than those of the past. 

Better management, fewer risks
Organizations that leverage more advanced management strategies and technologies will often be the most successful in avoiding threats to corporate continuity. The costs of electronic discovery proceedings, as well as those related to privacy protection failures and data breaches, continue to rise, and can serve a business a devastating blow when it is not prepared. 

Online backup is one of the best ways to ensure that data is protected from outages and loss, and that it can be quickly accessed during a litigation proceeding. By coupling these solutions with comprehensive and customized data management policies, businesses will be better positioned to avoid risks and capitalize on information analysis in the coming years. 

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