Companies need to take good care of their customer data.

UK small businesses must improve backup

Stephen Perkins

When it comes to securing and protecting data online, a recent report by Heart Internet found that businesses in the U.K. may not be doing enough to protect their digital assets. PC Pro reported that 14 percent of organizations surveyed have no security measures in place for their website and more than a quarter have no measures to protect customer data. Furthermore, only 40 percent have online data backup in place.

The report also showed that just 65 percent have antivirus software in place. The website said a previous survey found that 45 percent use hard drive-based data backup while less than 20 percent use online data backup, the website reported.

"These results show a worrying trend that website owners are not taking their security seriously," said Heart internet director Jonathan Brealey, according to PC Pro. "Out of date scripts, third-party plug-ins, easily breached passwords and sloppy antivirus and anti-spam measures will lead to hackers invading your website and abusing or destroying it."

Small Business Computing said organizations should do their due diligence before picking a data backup solutions provider, as they must be able to quickly access their backed-up files when necessary.

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