Companies need to have a long-term plan to secure data.

Ask questions to form a better security plan

Stephen Perkins

Whether they know it or not, every company needs to have a quality cybersecurity plan. said businesses should ask themselves questions before forming a strategy, such as how often it is essential to use data backup and what kind of security should be used. For online data backup, vital information should be updated regularly and automatically using a combination of cloud and offsite data backup.

One key issue in any data loss prevention plan is who has access to the information and the news source said this should be addressed early.

"Administrative login credentials should be given only to key company personnel, such as the CEO, CIO and trusted IT staff," said. "Develop a clear plan that designates which individuals have access to which types of sensitive information."

Other questions to ask may include:

  • Should the company be using encryption?
  • How secure is the Wi-Fi network the company uses and communicates on?
  • Are mobile devices susceptible to data loss?

PC Magazine said companies may want to keep in mind what kind of mobile data backup their provider will use, as this could be an important factor for businesses considering the rise of consumerization.

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