Laptop backup is essential for any company that has important information on these machines.

Backing up laptops important for business continuity

Stephen Perkins

Although data backup strategies can get complicated for companies that have a lot of files spread across a variety of portable devices, Dave Raffo wrote on TechTarget that businesses that get it right can see some huge value in having this information kept safe. One example of what can go wrong happened in the Ohio State University Department of Mathematics, where their laptops became inaccessible while student/professors were on international assignment. The laptops were successfully restored with the software they had in place, according to Tim Winningham, systems manager for OSU's math department.

With the software they were using at OSU, there was a quick and easy restore process, something that was only able to be done by the IT department previous to this.

"Users can go in through their client or phone or Web interface; they select a file, they check a box, and they can have it to the place where it was originally or the desktop," Winningham said, according to TechTarget. "That kicks off immediately. It's customer-friendly. They're actually amazed that it can be done."

PC Advisor said backing up the entire laptop is smart instead of simply worrying about a disk or drive, as the entire machine is at risk of breaking or accidental damage. Having data backup of the entire device can save a lot of headaches and trouble down the line.

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