Businesses must have a continuity plan in place that works well for them.

Be informed when crafting business continuity plan

Stephen Perkins

When looking to bring someone in to draw up a business continuity and data backup plan, industry professional Charlie Maclean-Bristol wrote on Continuity Central that companies have to be sure they are making informed buying decisions. 

"I have replied to a number of tenders where it is obvious that the organization putting out the tender has little or no understanding of business continuity," Maclean-Bristol said. "This makes it very difficult for those replying to the tender to cost the job correctly. If you are going to put out a tender or employ a business continuity consultant, I would recommend you go on a business continuity course yourself so that you understand what you are buying. There are a number of courses available which will give you a reasonable understanding of business continuity."

Other tips from Maclean-Bristol include:
- Picking a company that knows what it is doing with the business' industry
- Looking into a consultant and company's qualifications and recommendations
- Figuring out what kind of experience they have had and if it seems like they have done a good job
- Implementing the right person or people for the job

Computer Weekly said it is critical to ask if the plan for data backup and business continuity is sustainable for a long period of time. There should be exercises and testing to ensure everything is going well and updates should be done as needed.

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