To avoid frustration, companies must have a good business continuity plan in place.

Business continuity plans must be stable

Stephen Perkins

With the growing amount of data companies have in their systems, managing the potential risk that can come from data loss is more important than ever. Kristina Narvaez, president and CEO of ERM Strategies, wrote on that the more organizations understand what risks they face, the better off they will be with regard to business continuity.

"An interruption event might not only result in property damage but also lead to productivity disruptions that can pose a serious threat to the continued existence of a business," she wrote. "Every year, several thousand companies close their doors forever because of an unexpected event interrupting the flow of operations that their management team was unprepared to cope with."

Narvaez said that with a business continuity plan in place, companies can better understand what is going on around them and figure out ways to better protect their business environment , relationships and mission-critical data.

George Crump, InformationWeek contributor and IT analyst, said time is a big factor in data backup, as it will take time to get documents backed up and likely some time to recovery them. 

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