Universities have been working to backup their data.

California State gets new data backup solution

Stephen Perkins

In an effort to lessen the effect of any server error or disaster, California State University, Northridge has selected a new offsite data backup solution. The college will use a cloud backup solution that will protect its data and reduce many of the school's storage needs.

"Our goal was to increase process efficiency and reduce storage footprint for off-site backups by eliminating tape and avoiding use of campus-owned disk for off-site backup storage," said Chris Olsen, senior director of infrastructure services and ISO at CSUN. "We had some initial hesitations about cloud storage, including the cost to get data to the cloud, data security, and controlling capacity."

With the new solution in place, he said the university will now be able to protect and encrypt data in a more straightforward way. There are 35,00 students plus 5,000 faculty and staff members at the school, so adopting an offsite data backup solution where everything will be kept as secure as possible can only be positive in case any worst-case-scenarios happen.

In the same state, the University of San Francisco also offers a data backup solution to those working with university-owned computers to recover lost or accidentally deleted data.

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