Cloud computing is increasing need for data storage.

Cloud computing intensifies need for data storage and protection

Stephen Perkins

Data protection in cloud computing has become a real concern for businesses. While its benefits are hard to ignore, so is the fact that accumulating data will inevitably need larger storage platforms and better protection. 

An IDC executive summary projected that by 2020, "nearly 40 percent of the information in the digital universe will be 'touched' by cloud computing providers."

Data storage through the cloud has not only become more mainstream, but the desire to store more will continue to be an incessant demand by both businesses and consumers. In a recent press release, IDC vice president David Reinsel likened data to precious natural resources.

"Technology is a moving target, but the desire to store more data is insatiable," Reinsel said. "IT managers, and even government officials, should view data as a precious resource like water, oil or gold."

Reinsel added that big data will become increasingly critical to company operations in terms of efficient governance and business growth, especially when it's analyzed to provide strategic insight into innovation and enhanced productivity.

IDC estimates global raw storage capacity to increase from 2,596 exabytes in 2012 to 7,235 by 2017, meaning the appetite for large-scale, secure and reliable data storage solutions will only deepen.

Additionally, the proportion of data that will require protection is growing at an explosive rate – from one-third in 2010 to more than 40 percent in 2020. Currently, the IDC believes only 20 percent of the digital universe has protections in place to guard privacy, prevent digital snooping and theft and ensure adherence to regulations. 

Organizations whose data becomes more complex will require backup services that can accommodate these intricate demands and evolving technology. If businesses want cloud-based projects to work, ensuring data protection by storing information in secure data centers that can be easily retrievable, especially through disaster recovery solutions, will become a cornerstone of every organization's IT operations. 

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