Healthcare companies need to be especially careful when backing up and protecting their information.

Data loss can affect public image

Stephen Perkins

A recent breach affected Blue Cross Blue Shield, and data stolen from a network server could affect up to 6,000 patients. This incident shows why a data loss prevention and data backup solution should be in place, as a company's image can be significantly tarnished if sensitive personal data is lost.

According to reports, the source of the breach came from the solutions provider Connextions, which is used for call center services by the insurance giant.

"There are indications that the employee may have conveyed some of this information to third parties who are the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. This individual's employment with Connextions was terminated immediately upon Connextions becoming aware of the incident," company spokesperson Cindy Wakefield told

Wakefield added that four patients have had their information abused, but it is still unclear how it was tampered with.

Health IT Security said this is another example of a company not being careful enough with information, as all organizations need both cyber and physical security plus data backup in place in order for information -especially sensitive patient data – to be safe.

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