Data Protection Day celebrated the importance of securing information.

Data protection events spanned the globe

Stephen Perkins

Jan. 28 marked Data Protection Day, a commemorative event designed by the European Union to call attention to the importance of securing data. At the center of the occasion was a push by the EU to implement reforms to its data protection policies, according to EU vice president Viviane Reding, who is spearheading the proposed reform, said she wants organizations that breach Europe's privacy regulations to face fines of up to 5 percent of their global annual turnover. But though that might have been the most high-profile data protection issue, there were other events held worldwide to commemorate the Day, according to DataGuidance:

  • In the U.S., the National Cyber Security Alliance held a conference on the importance of data security, with representatives from large corporations like Facebook speaking.
  • In Australia, the country used the occasion to remind its citizens that March 12, 2014, marks the start of Australia's own privacy law reform.
  • In the Bahamas, the prime minister decreed that Data Privacy Day be spread over the course of a week. Thus, Jan. 27 thru 31 became an opportunity for Bahamian people to learn more about data protection through various training programs.

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