There are differences between data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Differences in continuity, backup, disaster recovery

Stephen Perkins

While many may use phrases like disaster recovery, business continuity and data backup interchangeably at times, industry professional Austin McChord wrote on MSPmentor that there are some big differences between these related terms.

"Business continuity cannot be achieved through a single solution, for it is the overall being of a business," he wrote. It prepares a business for a disaster, but, more importantly, it protects a business from the outcome of a disaster. A plan needs to be in place to assist a business with recovery. To achieve full business continuity, a business should plan how it will continue to operate during a disaster and find a business continuity solution that complements the plan."

Data backup and disaster recovery are different, he said, as this is about data and retrieving it during or after a disaster. For a plan such as this, a company is figuring out how it will obtain missing or lost files if something bad happened. If there is no proper plan in place, a company could end up being down for the count.

CSO Online said many organizations don't end up looking into any of these plans due to a tendency to look on the bright side, but data backup discussions should be in had in case disaster does strike.

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