Don't rely on something that can easily break; get an online backup system that will allow for fast duplication.

Don’t skimp on data backup

Stephen Perkins

When taking care of data backup, companies cannot do it halfway. A recent report by Kroll Ontrack found that although 60 percent of companies had a backup solution in place when there was a data loss, that backup was not currently operating, making it almost meaningless and furthering the harm done to the company.

Of those that used a backup solution, 60 percent used an external drive, 15 percent used cloud backup and 15 percent used tape. While online data backup is likely the best option for these companies to reduce the chance of failure like there is with machinery and tapes, companies must make sure they are being vigilant with their backing up process.

"Leveraging a data backup solution is critical for any business or individual protecting against data loss," said Robert Winter, head of engineering, at Kroll Ontrack. "However, as our recent global survey results demonstrate, even a reputable cloud or external media solution does not always provide predictable results. An effective backup solution hinges on the user or IT administrator attentively validating that the solution is functioning as expected and verifying that the backup is complete."

No matter which backup solution was used, Kroll said data loss can result from:

  • Scheduled backup not taking place and not being configured correctly
  • Software failure
  • Files lost before the backup
  • A solution was too small and ran out of space

One issue that likely harms many data backup solutions is the slow scanning of files into the system, TechTarget contributor Todd Erickson wrote. Especially in legacy backup systems such as those using drives or tape, it may be slow to move data. This makes it more difficult for the company to have everything backed up in an orderly fashion. Adopting a quicker data backup solution should help an organization save time, money and eventual headaches.

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