Many companies are planning for data backup.

Enterprise backup services becoming increasingly popular

Stephen Perkins

Data growth has led to an increase in the number of companies looking for data backup capabilities, according to a recent IDG Research Services poll titled "Backup Technologies; the Tale of the Tape." Large companies are currently the leading adopter of backup services, with midsize companies and small businesses not far behind, according to the research. Numbers showed that 59 percent either have a backup service or are planning to use it, with 43 percent of that group already having backup in place.

Other numbers from the report show:

  • 52 percent of large companies, 32 percent of midsize business and 28 percent of small organizations have a data backup solution in place
  • About 60 to 70 percent of respondents said they already have realized or expect faster backup
  • 40 percent of companies keep information for more than three years
  • 39 percent are using deduplication services with their disk-based data backup solution

"The escalating growth of digital information over the last decade, which has severely stressed traditional methods of data protection and storage, will continue unabated for the foreseeable future," said Janet King, general manager and vice president of IDG Research Services. "Migrating to new technologies such as deduplication for optimizing backup and storage has become an essential priority for data center managers everywhere."

The survey's results showed that data backup has been tested and deployed by a large number of enterprises, which certainly shows its value as a growing technology.

Why data backup matters
Instead of businesses taking their chances with their data in one place, online data backup can be key for helping to keep information even in the event of a data loss. Paul Mah, a small business computing expert, wrote on Small Business Computing that the accidental deletion of data can be a huge headache for companies, but it's one that a good data backup solution can help solve.

"I had an experience with this exact scenario just this weekend," he wrote. "When transferring thousands of email messages between two email servers, I carelessly opted to initiate the transfer moving key folders directly between the two locations. It was a bad decision because not all the data made it to the destination server before Outlook decided to call it quits (by crashing), even though the deletion from the origin took place immediately."

He was able to save thousands of lost emails, but others without a data backup solution may not be so lucky.

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