There's a lack of small business data back up resulting in loss of revenue and crucial documents.

Failing to backup data can have negative consequences for businesses

Stephen Perkins

Data backup is an important business protocol. In case of malicious attack, power outage or system failure, companies need to make sure all of their data will remain unharmed.

Unfortunately SMBs are failing to back up and it's resulting in the loss of crucial information, Help Net Security said. The failure to do data backup can lead to a loss of revenue as well as financial records, confidential information, emails and documents. Brand reputation, operations and customer relationships are suffering in response. 

The Times-Reporter said that most viruses block operations to take down a system. If that happens, the operating system usually has to be reinstalled. If data wasn't backed up, it will be lost.

A recent study by the UK Government found that security breaches and data loss can have sizable ramifications on businesses, especially SMBs. Without small business data backup it can cost an excessive amount of money to recover what  has been lost.

Help Net Security said that a recent study found that 53 percent of companies do not backup their data on a daily basis, the biggest reason being it's not an efficient use of IT time, according to 32 percent of respondents. However, daily backups are one real way to avoid data loss. Of those surveyed, 23 percent of IT workers said that to back up data storage is unnecessary or that their business doesn't have that much data to warrant a backup. Alternately 10 percent said they have too much data to perform a backup. Other IT employees said they lack resources and technology to do efficient backups and 75 percent believe daily backups are disruptive.

The Times-Reporter noted that like all machines, computer hardware will inevitably cease functioning. Computers last about seven years, on average. Data backup is key in case of a crash or virus infection, which has a 20 percent chance of occurring.

Successful data backup and the ability to recover critical information is of the utmost importance, according to Help Net Security. Businesses will not have to worry about the extra expense to replace lost data and their company will not suffer.

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