Don't let years of work go to waste because of a lack of data backup.

Lack of backup causes student to lose thesis paper

Stephen Perkins

A picture that started making the rounds on the internet this week illustrates the critical importance of data backup of any kind can be. The International Business Times reported that an image spread on Reddit and Facebook featured a Rutgers University student offering a reward to the thief who stole their laptop. The reason? The laptop contained five years' worth of research done for a thesis paper. The student offered up $1,000, as their thesis defense was coming up soon. People should avoid letting this happen to them by leveraging data backup.

Some routes people can take include:

  • Cloud backup files, which work especially well if the user already has a local backup
  • Network attached storage, which allows data to be accessed from anywhere at home
  • Automated data backup to make sure all information will be saved
  • Online data backup, which can enable entire computers or drives to backed up remotely
  • If all else fails, even an old CD or disc is better than nothing

Lawyerist said law students should be especially careful about keeping data backup options, especially when compared to the alternative of losing years of work potentially.

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