Even if you're a Mac, data backup is extremely important.

Macs need backup too

Stephen Perkins

Although many think about data loss prevention and backup as something only PCs need, ZDNet's Jason O'Grady wrote that he learned the hard way data backup is needed on Macs as well. He said he recently bought a new computer and decided to take the quick way of moving the old SSD into the computer, but it turned out to be a very bad idea.

"For starters, migrating from a backup is always better, because it forces you to make a backup that you can restore from," he said. "I hadn't made a backup in around six weeks because I got lazy and neglected to plug in the USB drive sitting on my desk."

When trying to attach the new SSD, he found it didn't fit and got cracked. This means everything he worked on that he previously had not been saving was likely gone unless it was saved online. This incident illustrates why backing up data should be a regular and completely automatic practice for companies and people alike to avoid costly data loss on their Mac devices.

Christopher Breen wrote on MacWorld that at the very least, users should back up items that will be costly to lose, get them in trouble if they are lost or will be a pain to replace later on.

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