Don't let a network disaster ruin business; take the time on World Backup Day to figure out a solution.

Make sure company data is safe

Stephen Perkins

Need a reminder to backup important documents? Well, at the end of March there's an entire day devoted to learning about data backup.

In addition to being a friendly reminder to backup files, World Backup Day, observed March 31, is an opportunity for small businesses to increase their awareness of data backup best practices. O'Bannon wrote on CPA Practice Advisor that companies need to take this day to remind their users to securely store their data as well as possible.

"What would happen if a fire, theft, flood or just a simple computer crash happened?" he wrote. "Yes, even servers crash, and whether the data is irreversibly lost from any one of these events, even a two or three day shutdown in the middle of tax season could really put a dent in revenue, and in the trust your clients have in you."

The World Backup Day's website said more than 60 million computers will fail in 2013, but only 25 percent of people actually backup their information on a regular basis. This means 45 million files will be lost forever. According to the website, this is why World Backup Day was created, as there are now a larger amount of laptops and mobile devices than ever.

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