Companies and individuals alike need to be sure they are keeping data as safe as possible.

New threats to online security should mean backup improvements

Stephen Perkins

A lot of personally identifiable information is available online, and people may not wish to have this data made public. In the event any of this information is stolen or exposed, companies and individuals alike need to have a quality data backup solution to ensure that they will be able to recover well enough from any potential breach, PC World reported.

"This year's online threats to privacy will continue to grow unless Congress and other decision-making bodies offer some meaningful support for privacy," the news source said. "Witnessing the conflict between privacy and civil liberties advocates (on one side) and business and law-enforcement interests (on the other) may seem a bit like watching a particularly nasty tennis game, but it all boils down to a matter of openness versus secrecy."

PC Magazine said the biggest question to ask when picking any data backup provider is how safe and private the solution will be, as well as how much space is needed, how much it will cost and whether it will work with the devices the company uses.

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