Online backup positively impacts IT security

Online backup positively impacts IT security

Stephen Perkins

Businesses and agencies in the public sector continue to put a greater emphasis on information governance, network security and general protection against digital threats. Hackers have remained a step ahead of the game, as the rate of data breaches and subsequent identity theft events have spiked in the past several years, and this trend shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. 

While general data security software and network monitoring solutions can help to strengthen a company's resilience to breach, businesses can also leverage online backup solutions to add a second layer of defense. Certain attacks, such as Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) threats, can be rapidly thwarted when the company has server and data backup in place. 

Total defense against advanced threats?
Joe Michels, writing for Billings Business Gazette, recently asserted that stronger data backup solutions can help organizations in the fight against cyberterrorism. The author also stated that better employee training, including cyberthreat awareness lessons, can substantially improve a company's resilience to advanced persistent threats.

When discussing cyberterrorism, advanced persistent threats are likely the most challenging areas of security, as these attacks come from highly capable and large entities. DDoS attacks are among the most popular when it comes to advanced persistent threats, and also happen to be the most damaging to certain organizations. Online backup will provide a protected environment that can be accessed in times of distress. 

According to Michels, businesses also need to worry about the telecommunications bandwidth demands that have intensified in recent years, and online backup is one way to quell this issue. Additionally, he suggested that companies work to backup data and systems at least once a day, as a higher frequency of this action will translate to greater protection against loss and breach. 

Many online backup solutions have become automated, so this can help alleviate some of the stress placed on employees to regularly carry out the process. 

Back it all up
When it comes to online backup, the greater the totality of the strategy is, the more effective it will be in bolstering resilience to breaches and loss. For example, companies should consider backing up everything from servers to mobile devices and beyond, as this will work to ensure that as many components of IT frameworks are accessible despite challenging situations. 

Businesses might want to educate employees in mobile device backup best practices, which are readily available through sources such as CNET. 

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