Organizations must have a good plan in place for data backup.

Plan properly for data backup

Stephen Perkins

When implemented and planned out, data backup can be great for organizations of any size, but if done haphazardly, things may not turn out as well as they could. Veeam Software's SMB Virtualization Data Protection Report found that 85 percent of small and medium-sized businesses may have needed to take more steps in planning, as they experienced cost-related challenges with backup and recovery. Other issues included 48 percent having problems with expensive licensing models, 40 percent saying their backups took too long and 51 percent adding that they were experiencing high management costs.

"More and more, SMBs are being subjected to the same IT challenges and business pressures as large enterprises," said Ratmir Timashev, president and CEO of Veeam. "As such, any disruption to their IT infrastructure can have severe consequences. This is why it's particularly worrying that the vast majority of SMBs reported cost, complexity and capability challenges with backup and recovery. When you also consider that 1 in 6 recoveries simply don't work, it's clear that the issue of data protection is a ticking time bomb in the SMB community."

Other numbers from the report show:
- 80 percent are facing complexity challenges in protecting data
- 35 percent say they have too many servers to back up
- 55 percent of these organizations are looking to switch to a new tool by 2014

TechTarget said one of the biggest trends of this year was outsourcing data backup, as there are now many service providers that can help organizations properly implement these tools. For smaller companies that don't have as many IT experts on staff, this could be a great problem solver, as it would allow them to benefit from the assistance and expertise of trained professionals.

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