A company should be in a data backup and continuity system together from the start.

Properly integrating business continuity

Stephen Perkins

Before executives at a company try to integrate a business continuity solution, TechTarget's Paul Kirvan wrote that there should be a careful analysis of the current corporate culture and how it operates. This should allow officials to identify any data backup or continuity gaps and see which areas need to be shored up. Integration of continuity and backup means creating goals that are not too wide but help drive knowledge, skills and commitment needed for a business continuity program. {edit extract}

"If possible, assess the level of senior management's awareness of business continuity, as it will take commitment and support at that level to help your [business continuity management system] assimilate into the organization," he wrote.

Some tips to help drive continuity practices at an organization include:
- Communication to all employees about the current system and any upgrades that need to be made
- Train employees on existing programs and keep them updated to anything new that may be implemented
- Meetings to discuss activities of the business continuity system
- Briefs of senior management to allow them to know about specifics
- An internal website that will allow employees and management read about the system and how it benefits the organization at large for greater transparency

The ISACA Journal said it may initially be difficult to align the IT and business departments, which can systematically disrupt how business continuity and data backup work. Organizations must be sure to be on the same page when starting a new program.

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