Having data backed up is essential to making sure an organization can continue on when it needs to.

Reasons why a business continuity plan is necessary

Stephen Perkins

Some organizations have been so bold to think they do not need a business continuity and data backup plan, but as many disasters in recent years have shown, power and access to essential business data can be cut off in a snap. Joshua Horn of law firm Fox Rothschild wrote that following Hurricane Sandy and other recent events, organizations should have a framework to improve business continuity plans. 

Things to consider for those organizations that have yet to adopt one include:
- Multiple redundant services should be utilized to help make sure communication is open across the business and data can be salvaged
- Plans need to be made with staff and IT workers to ensure data can be brought back as quickly as possible
- Staff training should be done on at least an annual basis to ensure there is familiarity with the system
- There should be testing done to make sure that data can be reached no matter where it is and where the company relocates to during a disaster

TechTarget said companies should also consider whether they want to fully implement a data backup solution or go incrementally. Simply restoring the required files will likely be much easier than having a whole server to bring back, but much of this will depend on the business.

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