Even small businesses need to backup their data.

Small business data backup must be protected

Stephen Perkins

Small and midsize businesses may often have a harder time protecting their information than enterprises, so there must be data backup planning to ensure the strategy is in place to overcome security issues, ESG senior analyst Jason Buffington told TechTarget.

"The good news is that a lot of the data protection technologies that started in enterprise, many of them have started to work their way down into something that is more than just butchering the features and slashing the price," he told the news source. "There really is more of a right-sizing of abilities."

Another main problem for small businesses with data backup is not having a full, dedicated IT staff, so when something goes down there may not be someone working on the problem already. With online data backup, small businesses should have a better handle on this and should be able to build a strategy that will compensate for this issue.

PC World said that no matter what kind of data backup plan is going into place, companies should be sure to have their word processing files, spreadsheets and other documents protected and backed up at all times. There are likely important and sensitive files that would be impossible to replace, so keeping them duplicated is a smart move.

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