People should be consistently backing up their smartphones.

Smartphone owners lacking proper data backup

Stephen Perkins

A lot of important information is held on modern mobile devices. Today's smartphone likely has a large amount of text messages, emails and metadata strands that users cannot afford to lose. Even so, the recent Consumer Reports' Annual State of the Net survey found that 39 percent of the more than 100 million Americans who use smartphones have not taken minimal security measures.

An additional 69 percent of these mobile users have not even backed up the data, including photos and contacts, on their phone. Only 22 percent have software on their device that can help locate it if lost.

"When you take your smartphone into your confidence, so to speak, you're also taking in a host of parties, including app developers, your wireless carrier and phone manufacturer, mobile advertisers, and the maker of your phone's operating system," said Jeff Fox , technology editor of Consumer Reports. "We recommend that all smartphone users take the basic precautions we outline in this report to ensure that their phones are secure from wireless threats."

There are different ways to back up iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry​ devices that owners can look into, but a third-party data backup system can also be a great way to make sure nothing of importance is lost.

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