Backing up data can help companies keep working even during disasters or heavy storms.

SMBs harmed by data backup failures

Stephen Perkins

The importance of adopting a quality data backup system was highlighted in a recent report by an IT solution provider, as many IT administrators said backup failure has led to revenue losses and important company documents disappearing. In some cases, there is no fix for this type of data loss, something that could take years to recover from. 

Statistics from this survey showed:
- 53 percent said they don't conduct daily backups
- 32 percent of IT admins believe the biggest reason for not backing up every day is that they do not believe it is an efficient use of time
- 23 percent said there is not enough data to backup while 10 percent say they have too much

"A company's data is essential to its day-to-day operations and, ultimately, to the success of the business," said an executive from the company who produced this report. "As such, organizations need to be able to rely upon secure backup solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. Speed is the number one factor IT administrators said they wish they could improve about their current backup process."

One sure sign that data backup is essential for business comes in a recent report from The Hartford, which said 71 percent of small business owners experienced power outages due to Superstorm Sandy, with 52 percent experiencing loss of sales or revenue.

Only 11 percent suffered structural or property damage, so The Hartford vice president Ray Sprague said organizations should take steps to protect their business, including backing up critical data and having an emergency communication system. Only 36 percent of businesses said they were significantly impacted by this storm, but that is still more than needed to be, as there are quality online data backup solutions these businesses can use to stay afloat during hard times.

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