Companies must look to stay in communication with providers to have the best backup solution.

Stay on point with data backup

Stephen Perkins

In the past, data backup was a bit more simplistic for companies and third-party providers alike. The system would be set up and updated once in a while, but neither side had to worry about it too often. Neil Bradbury, an industry professional, wrote on Channelnomics that providers now must keep up and stay engaged with customers and ensure that the lines of communication are open.

"It starts with getting a clear, comprehensive window into their customers' IT environment," he wrote. "Think of it as intelligence gathering: To pave the way for future sales, partners start by introducing a wide range of monitoring services, which includes high-margin offerings around threat monitoring, performance, optimization, customer and employee activity and bandwidth usage. Now we have something to work with."

At this point, there can be a better solution provided to customers, with things like data loss prevention and encryption perhaps seen as necessary adjustments to improve the backup strategy. Knowing about the customer environment will not only help the provider's business but help customers get a better solution.

IT professional Many Poniatowski wrote on TechTarget that with the birth of network growth, faster speeds and other modern considerations, customers and providers must be proactive in their data backup selection.

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