Businesses must educate employees on a backup or continuity plan.

Teach employees about business continuity plans

Stephen Perkins

Building a plan for continuous data protection is great for businesses, but they must be sure employees are aware the plan is in place. InformationWeek contributor Wendy Schuchart wrote that workers cannot help keep in place what they do not know exists. 

"Believe it or not, the average employee doesn't spend a lot of time wondering how the business will survive in the event a giant Godzilla-like creature rises from the nearest body of water," she said. "They just assume someone will take care of things and usually make a hand wave about backups and perhaps even mention cloud computing."

However, a recent report by InformationWeek showed 40 percent had a data recovery plan in place that was regularly tested, 40 percent had a plan in place but rarely tested it and 20 percent had no plan. Employees will likely not try to uphold what they don't know exists, so Schuchart said companies should look to engage users on an awareness policy.

TechTarget said whether a short or long-term operational disruption occurs, there must be relevant actions that will be able to bring business back. This means organizations should include employees in their plans and policies to have everything go smoothly.

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