Hospitals can use a single data backup solution.

Using single data backup solution is an option

Stephen Perkins

The healthcare industry has a large need for quality data backup, as much of the information in place that needs to be retained cannot be easily replicated and is extremely sensitive. Healthcare Informatics Magazine said Samaritan Medical Center, a non-profit hospital in New York, now has a single data backup platform in place. Jeff Wood, Samaritan's technical services manager, said there was previously an integrated service in place, which ended up taking two staff members at least three hours a day to monitor and manage per system. This would also leave the hospital out in the cold for disaster recovery, as the systems were far too slow.

"We had to catalog all our servers and evaluate all backup systems so we knew where everything was going," Wood said, adding that the only real challenge was to get the vendors to communicate with each other to make sure things were solid on their end.

Switching to a single data backup solution has allowed the hospital to improve data availability, preserve application performance and simplify operations within the IT department.

Becker's Hospital Review said organizations that want to adopt data backup should always prepare for the best and worst case scenarios, factor in downtime when looking for a program and be sure to test the system to ensure it works properly.

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