Small businesses need to protect information with data backup.

Why small businesses must back up data

Stephen Perkins

Small companies may not have a ton of money to work with, but a small chunk of the budget should be carved out for data backup, according to what SMB advertising expert Rob Boirun wrote on Business 2 Community. Most businesses now rely on computers and data, so any kind of data loss can be devastating. However, before signing up for a data backup solution, organizations should audit their operation to know which specific areas or types of data need protection.

"There are certain data streams that are always going to require protection, such as customer info and transactions," he wrote. "Intellectual property will also require secure backups, as this is always crucial for copyright purposes."

Small businesses also cannot forget:

  • Mobile devices are now a key area of business and should be treated as such. Information on these gadgets must be backed up as any other data would be
  • Onsite backups do not work as well as online data backup due to the former's inherent risks 
  • A data backup checklist will make sure all areas are sufficiently covered

Small Business Computing said hybrid data backup, or storing data in multiple areas on different models, is becoming more popular these days for companies that want to be sure their information will remain safe no matter what.

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