5 Reasons Why Database Backup Is Important

Mark Martin

[Posted November 20th 2014 by: Mark Martin]

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Protecting critical data is important to the operation of your business. When there is one or multiple databases on your computer or server, database backup is vital. It ensures that there is an additional copy in the event that something happens to the one that is located locally. There are several reasons to invest in the backup so you are never without the data, virtually starting from scratch.

1.         Information

database is going to hold a lot of information. It can hold recipes, client contact information, billing information, financials, and much more. In the event you were to lose the database, the information may not be contained elsewhere and it could be the end of your business. With database backup, you wouldn’t have to worry about such a thing.

2.         Security

Throughout various industries, there is such thing as data compliance. For example, within the medical industry, there are HIPAA laws that state how medical information must be stored for security purposes. Backing up your data to the cloud using the highest level of encryption ensures that you are being compliant with all laws.

3.         Accessibility

Imagine how productive your employees could be if they could access a database from anywhere, even outside of the four walls of the office. Accessibility is enhanced when a database is backed up to the cloud because the access is wide open. As long as people have the sign on credentials to let them access the database, they can do so from anywhere they have an internet connection.

4. Research

When you backup a database, it can be used as research. There’s the option of archiving, which means you cannot change the data once it has been sent to the cloud. If you no longer keep the database active but still need the contents, this is an option to explore.

5. Worst-Case Scenarios

Some kind of data backup has to be in place in the event of a worst-case scenario. If there is a fire at your location or you get hacked and lose everything, how quickly can you recover? These are questions you have to ask yourself to determine if the level of protection is currently there. A database backup can prepare you for worst-case scenarios, particularly because the data is stored off site.

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