SMBs and small city governments are facing more data management challenges.

A city’s data management dilemma

Stephen Perkins

IT departments in both the public and private sectors are experiencing similar data management conundrums across the country. A massive influx of data and antiquated backup and disaster recovery systems are making it harder to manage increasingly sophisticated IT infrastructures.

Noted in a recent GCN article, the city of Mount Dora, Fla., began to experience IT issues when a considerable growth in data began to clog up storage capacity and drastically increase recovery times. The city's IT department received information from nine different departments within the local government including police, fire, water, public works and the city manager. As the amount of incoming data grew, so did the number of problems. 

To make things worse, mission-critical data on a server couldn't be backed up. After IT realized its vulnerabilities, the decision was made to adopt a new disaster recovery system that could handle big data requirements and offer user-friendly features.

Mount Dora's IT department settled on an appliance-based solution with pre-configured software that offered an easy-to-use interface and an automated point, click and download option. An automated and simple process were essential factors in the decision, which is a common preference for many city governments and small- and medium-sized businesses that lack in-house expertise.

"Automation is really important in our environment because we are a small shop with limited resources," stated Mount Dora's IT manager, Johnna Shamblin​, according to the news source. "It is important to have solutions in place that help us with management tasks, so we don't have to spend time doing manual tasks."

According to TechTarget, server-based automatic backups are attractive options for smaller organizations that look for solutions that are painless and straightforward, only requiring a few clicks to both transfer data to secure off-site locations and recover it during technical or natural disasters. 

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