Automated disaster recovery can help keep businesses afloat in the face of trouble.

Automated disaster recovery can salvage businesses

Stephen Perkins

Having a disaster recovery and data backup solution can be extremely important in helping to cut down on the chance that information will be separated from an organization forever. According to an article from eWeek, a few hours of downtime can cost millions of dollars, so having automated disaster recovery in place should be a priority to help these companies cut down on the manual time that needs to be spent bringing operations back online.

"When it comes to recovering an IT system from a natural or human-caused disaster, simple, real-time and automated are the terms to keep in mind for effective disaster recovery procedures," eWeek's Chris Preimesberger wrote.

The source also provided the findings of a recent disaster recovery study, including:
- 42 percent are not prepared with modern solutions even after suffering a loss of data within the previous year
- 65 percent use manual services but 83 percent believe automation will be more widely available in the next year and a half
- 72 percent only test disaster recovery once per year

Bankers Online said taking a proactive approach to data backup and recovery is critical, as there is a need to prepare for these disasters before they happen. This is Especially true for companies that have a greater level of exposure, preparation can be essential to avoid large scale losses.

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