Companies need to take the time to plan for the worst.

Businesses need a plan to survive natural disasters

Stephen Perkins

When it comes to disaster recovery and preparedness, Andrew Sachs, vice president at crisis management firm Witt O'Brien's, said that 75 percent of companies without a business continuity plan end up failing within three years of a disaster. Yuma News Now said Sachs said the U.S. could experience more natural disasters in the next few years if trends continue, so companies need to have a data backup and recovery plan in place, especially considering how much data now resides in remote data centers.

Disaster preparedness tips from Sachs include:

  • Start looking at what to do in case of a disaster as soon as possible
  • Test this plan regularly to be sure that it will work if something does happen
  • Train employees to make sure they have their own preparedness plan
  • Have emergency response, resource management and crisis communication in mind when planning

PC Magazine said better data backup may be all that smaller companies need when planning for disaster, as keeping important files safe in an online setting can make a big difference if a server goes down.

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