Choosing the right data backup solution is extremely important for organizations.

Choosing the best backup and recovery service

Stephen Perkins

Virtualization Review contributor Elias Khnaser wrote that companies have a litany of considerations facing them when looking to adopt disaster recovery-as-a-service. With disaster recovery, many clients said they don't want to pay a lot of money to protect against an issue that may never happen.

"Hopefully you have a business impact analysis and hopefully you have your applications and data prioritized, which would determine the servers and data that can take part in the DRaaS offering," he wrote as an initial step that should take place. "Going through this exercise makes the pricing exercise easier and clearer."

Other things to keep in mind, according to Khnaser, include:
- Organizations need to understand how long they can use a particular service and if it is scalable
- The agreement with the provider must be clear and easy to understand
- Business networks must be prepared for virtualization to be sure they can secure it

Continuity Central said the strategy must be considered as well. Whether replicating data between offices and an off site area, using disaster recovery as a service with cloud backup or using online data backup, this should be one of the first steps the business figures out.

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