Small businesses may want to move their data to an online backup solution.

Cloud and online disaster recovery could be game changers

Stephen Perkins

Old ways of disaster recovery may soon be replaced completely by companies that are more willing to work with online data backup and cloud solutions. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix spoke with IBM Distinguished Engineer Richard Cocchiara, who said off-site data backup has been one of the biggest changes in the industry. Sending data away from where it is mainly being used can be much better for protection.

"Then there are services that allow clients to fail-over servers," he wrote. "The cloud is very good now for Wintel servers, where you can replicate your data and fail-over relatively quickly. So in addition doing replication of data to another server, we still recommend backup because you can recover individual files to a point in time. "

With data backup, failover servers and the ability to have a data center further away from the company, online and cloud backup should be great options for an organization which may be looking for something a bit different.

Another big benefit is that this more high-tech way of backing up data can be just as helpful for small companies as larger enterprises. Businesses that were previously only able to backup their server in full without picking and choosing what is backed up can now more easily replicate data and recover it when they need to . 

"They can back up data or replicate servers to a remote site, and then fail-over the servers and network to the remote site in the event of a disaster," he said. "So it's giving small and medium-sized businesses much more sophistication."

How to chose a solution
Small Business Computing contributor Jennifer Lonoff said when companies are trying to figure out what kind of online data backup solution to go with, they need to first look at what their business needs and what it has in place. If there is not much of an IT staff already nailed down, the easiest and most cost effective way to may be to go for a managed online solution. Industry professional Patrick Corrigan told the news source that smaller companies should definitely be using online as a way to backup information.

"Typically what I'll recommend to smaller businesses is that they take critical data and make sure it's backed up in some local fashion, whether it's to CD, DVD, tape, or removable disk or some type of backup server," said Corrigan. "They [should also] take the same critical data and back it up to some online service."

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