Businesses need to plan their disaster recovery and backup strategy before adoption.

Considerations before adopting disaster recovery

Stephen Perkins

The adoption of a disaster recovery service can help organizations backup data for their entire organization - a wise move for many businesses that have a large amount of information not easily protected or managed. Before adoption, CSO Online's David Geer believes companies need to be sure they have done their diligence and are receiving a solution that will truly be helpful.

"It's not like you just upload all the work to the service provider," Richard P. Tracy, CSO of Telos Corporation said, adding "You don't want to trust that they do just because it says so on their website."

Data can be extremely sensitive, which means companies need to be wary of where it will be stored, what kind of security the disaster recovery provider will be using and what level of support will be in place along the way. Tracy told Geer that the processes, procedures and metrics in place at a provider should be looked into and planned out by the company well in advance of adoption.

Peter Barnes, managing director of 2C Consulting, said the key is to consider the impact on business for the negatives that might happen with or without help. This should be a good judge of what kind of data backup solution should be adopted, as the organization will figure out which information needs to be protected most.

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