Backing up data offsite can inherently protect against unpredicted problems.

Constant offsite backup can protect against what is impossible to predict

Stephen Perkins

Data protection is a fickle entity. Even if every possible scenario is seemingly accounted for, there is likely something waiting in the shadows that companies did not even consider.

This is why having a remote backup solution can be a beneficial asset for any organization. According to Slaw contributor Dan Pinnington, it is important to protect files in their most recent versions. By utilizing services that back up data frequently, the risk of information corruption is greatly mitigated.

The uncertain nature of security
There is a lot of "what if" that goes into effective digital safety policies. But even businesses that think they have seen it all probably have not. In a constantly changing landscape, new risks are introducing themselves every day, and the odds of well-known dangers making their first appearance is only going up. This is what makes online backup such a vital asset for organizations. Keeping IT equipment in facilities that are specialized to protect them is becoming a new standard, but some are learning this the hard way. 

Take the Icelandic software company Midverk, for example. According to ComputerWeekly contributor Jim Mortleman, a company sharing office space with Midverk hosted a party in 2013 where alcohol was served. After one too many libations, a staff member from the neighboring office made their way down to Midverk's area, where they proceeded to get vomit all over the area around the data center. Thankfully, none of it got on the servers, but the light bulb that was ripped out of a bathroom fixture caused a power outage that took the company's mainframe – not to mention the backup power supply – offline.

Midverk could have found the situation more laughable at the time if they had been using offsite backup for their essential systems. The beauty of these services is that they keep frequently updated copies of vital information in a safe location.

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