Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions are highly beneficial for SMBs.

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solutions best for SMBs

Stephen Perkins

Disaster recovery solutions are a vital part of any IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, there are more immediately pressing business objectives that small- and medium-sized businesses must focus on, and many are not able to allocate the necessary time and resources toward developing and deploying an effective data recovery solution.

A recent study conducted by Frost & Sullivan, titled "Disaster Recovery as a Service: A Gateway for SMB Cloud Adoption," highlights the benefits of DRaaS for SMBs. Researchers likened DR to businesses as exercise is for working parents – there's simply not enough time, energy or budget on the parts of SMBs.

"With cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), providers offer a single solution that backs up not only data, but an organization's complete environment, including applications; and provides a new, cloud-based environment for the applications and data to fail-over to," the report stated.

In these models, service providers offer complete data backup solutions and encompass nearly all aspects of IT, which can be especially beneficial for SMBs. As the study noted, smaller companies may not have adequate insurance or a "cushion" of resources to assist in recovering from some type of disaster. Coupled with the need to maintain regulatory compliance, SMBs are faced with significant challenges that cloud technology and DRaaS solutions can address by balancing protection with budget and other company resources.

While larger organizations with more capital can implement DR solutions by establishing a replicated IT environment in another data center and pay for it to remain "hot," the complexity and cost of such solutions are neither practical nor possible for smaller organizations. Service providers present an opportunity to help bridge the gap by offering economical and simple business continuity and disaster recovery methods for SMBs.

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