No matter what type of disaster or outage there is, a good disaster recovery plan can help.

Disaster recovery can help navigate out of hairy situations

Stephen Perkins

No company ever wants to deal with having information inaccessible or missing, but disaster recovery professional Michael Hart said having a partner for recovery and business continuity can help solve these problems before they become too big to handle. For those that have already invested in a solution, there will likely be some celebration once they are proven right in their decision.

"You are glad that you thought ahead. That offsite environment that you have tested every month is ready to show its value," he said. "Your servers have been replicating non-stop right up to the time of the fire. No data loss, no backup tapes to go through. A flip of the DNS and everyone is running from the backup site."

Asking questions can help prevent a disaster from shutting a business down, Hart said. Figuring out if the hardware the business uses is vendor agnostic and scalable, if a solution is ready for virtualization and if it can support mission-critical applications are all imperative.

Steven Ross, an IT professional, wrote on TechTarget that there is no single correct solution for data recovery, but executives should look into online data backup and other similar options to see which solution may be most appropriate for their company.

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