Even virtual data centers must prepare for what may happen in a disaster.

Disaster recovery for the software data center

Stephen Perkins

The software-defined data center has been a big step forward for IT, as industry professional Shannon Snowden said on Data Center Knowledge that it rose to prominence in 2012 and has allowed storage, networking and security systems to be virtualized and easily used as a service. The logical next step, he said, is to have disaster recovery as part of this solution to make it more efficient and flexible. 

"[Software-defined disaster recovery works at the hypervisor layer and does not depend on hardware," he said. "When one compares a hardware-based deployment to an SDDR deployment, the benefits really come into focus. For a hardware-based disaster recovery solution, a multi-site deployment is very difficult, expensive and typically requires on-site configuration by the hardware and software vendors. The build time can be anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on the number of sites."

Some pointers from Snowden on implementing SDDR include:
- Making sure the solution is hardware agnostic
- Integrating it with multitenant support
- Streamlining customer management

Having disaster recovery means always having full data backup capabilities and recovery on demand, according to Computer Weekly. Organizations need to be sure they are regularly testing their solution to ensure it works properly.

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