A disaster can strike anywhere, so companies must be well prepared.

Disasters can happen anywhere; be digitally prepared

Stephen Perkins

If all of a company's data goes away in a disaster, what can a person or business do? The Mercury News said with the probability of physical and digital disasters being so hard to predict,  everyone should start looking to online data backup and inventory services in order to help make important data and information much easier to keep track of. Even for physical data, people can use apps and services now to help make sure they have everything need to keep safe where it needs to be.

While the Mercury News focused on more of the physical aspect of backing things up, one technology professional wrote for the Seattle Post Intelligencer that a backup plan must be well written and known about, as it will be worthless if nobody reads it.

"Many businesses treat their disaster plans like casual readers treat a copy of War and Peace: they like having it on the shelf, but aren't interested in reading it," he said, adding that companies can often times write it and forget about it because the business models change so quickly.

However, a disaster data backup plan should be written so that it is flexible and up-to-date. This will help the business continuously update the plan and do what they need to keep the company safe.

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