Don't let a data center outage bring your company down for any amount of time.

Don’t let outages harm a business

Stephen Perkins

Outages at data centers or businesses will likely have more of an effect now than they ever previously have. Organizations must keep this in mind and have a quality data backup and disaster recovery solution to be sure to not let their businesses be disrupted by any outage, no matter how big or small. One company released an infographic recently that showed 76 percent of businesses have had an outage in the last year with 42 percent in the past half year. Almost all of these, 86 percent, were caused by something other than a natural disaster. 

"Though more than three-quarters of respondents reported having experienced an outage in the last 12 months, and many have a DR solution in place, few are confident their DR solution will actually work," said industry professional Ziv Kedem. "This study reflects that while many solutions are available for disaster recovery, no legacy solutions are providing the service levels and simplicity needed for mission-critical application protection in virtualized and cloud environments."

Other numbers showed legacy disaster recovery efforts just weren't working, as:
- 71.5 percent have a snapshot based recovery solution
- 36 percent only test their solution once a year and 18 percent never have
- 53 percent said complexity is a big challenge with disaster recovery
- 30 percent have a lot of data backup and disaster recovery solutions in place, but 77 percent of this group are not confident it will work out

A recent study by IDG Research found 42 percent of IT managers or executives who have experienced a major data loss in the past year still do not have disaster recovery in place. Other numbers showed there were 34 instances of data loss or outage in the past year per company on average, tape backup is used with 23 percent of large companies and 72 percent only test their disaster recovery plan once a year. All of this could stand to see improvement for better disaster recovery.

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