Having a good backup system is imperative to keeping information safe.

Don’t overlook data backup in disaster recovery plan

Stephen Perkins

While many organizations may start looking into a disaster recovery plan and implementing certain aspects of it, industry professional Matthew Rayback wrote on Business Solutions that there are certain areas that end up being forgotten about by organizations. After speaking with some service providers, he found one area is data backup, something that was surprising judging by how much information organizations hold these days. 

Backup professional Guy Baroan said organizations need to find the technology that works for them to have the best possible backup solution.

"Too many apps out there talk about the great features they offer, all the bells and whistles, but they fail on the most simple of tasks," he wrote.

The goal is recovery, according to Rayback, but the path there should include data backup. If companies aren't looking at what information they're backing up and how they're doing it, there could end up being some trouble with the recovery plan if something does go wrong.

One thing that organizations may not even think about as far as a data backup plan is concerned is what might happen if something is accidentally deleted. Small Business Computing said accidents like this, while they may not be a disaster, can happen to anyone. Having copies in a reliable system is key to preventing this.

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