There is going to be a surge in data thanks to the Internet of Things.

Excessive backup can hinder agile disaster recovery

Stephen Perkins

The age of the Internet of Things is almost upon us.

There are more smartphones and tablets appearing every day, all of which are processing and sending data to even the farthest regions of cyberspace. But soon, it will not just be mobile devices that are requesting to join wireless networks. The Internet of Things is a concept that involves everyday tools like thermostats, refrigerators and more to communicate with other machines and even potentially alert users to a performance issues that require attention.

With so much information floating around, there are obviously going to be considerations for backup at an enterprise level. Much of the data and settings that result from the Internet of Things will need to be protected by redundancies in the event that an IT outage occurs.

But this presents a new problem. While there are undoubtedly benefits to this kind of connectivity, there is going to be a massive fluctuation in the number of files and preferences that need to be saved. The seemingly logical solution to this would just be to expand backup solutions to include everything that has been created by the Internet of Things, but there is an existing concern regarding how much information companies are already trying to protect. If a system fails, an excessive amount of redundancies can actually slow down restoration time and sink organizations farther into the red.

This is why businesses need to be selective with what they choose to back up. It may turn out that there is less that requires protection than managers may realize. If this seems like a major undertaking, that is because it is. This is why hosted, offsite data backup is such a viable solution. Bringing in a team of trained professionals to aid in business continuity processes can alleviate much of the pressure involved with maintaining these redundancies. 

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