Cold weather can mean power outages. As one company found out, a disaster recovery plan can come in very handy.

Firm finds success in disaster recovery plan

Stephen Perkins

After a cold spell left one U.K. law firm without power, workers soon found just how useful a disaster recovery plan with online data backup can be. According to the Maidenhead Advertiser, Gordons Property Lawyers operations director Paul Norris said during the coldest day of the year, the power supply to the office blew out, which immediately sent the recovery plan into effect. To help with this, they relocated staff to a new office where data was available and enabled them to run core processes.

"Many businesses don't plan for this type of eventuality, perhaps believing that 'disaster recovery' is only necessary in headline-grabbing events like earthquakes or hurricanes," the website said. "But if a firm's equipment or offices become unusable, a disaster is precisely what it could become."

Business Week said disaster planning like this is an important thing for businesses to have in place in case of blackouts, earthquakes or any serious disruption. Those who do not prepare can lose millions of dollars, data and may not recover, as customers and clients expect service even in harsh conditions and information must be protected.

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