Online backup circumvents many potential disasters.

Good disaster recovery includes offsite backup

Stephen Perkins

If disaster recovery procedures have not been updated for a while, then it is definitely time to do so. Old and ineffective plans are not going to do anyone any good, but research shows that they might be more common than people would like to believe.

According to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey, three out of four companies do not have adequate DR strategies in place. Not only that, but they are paying for it. Twenty percent of respondents said that they had lost anywhere between $50,000 and $5 million on account of outages and system failures.

But thankfully, this appears to be changing. The DR Benchmark also found that more organizations are beginning to invest in proper practices and making them essential for business continuity. Undoubtedly, one of the most effective steps that a company can take is to seek out offsite backup solutions. Enterprise operations are shrouded in uncertainty – namely from natural disasters and human error. Managing redundancies remotely means that offices can protect their servers even when they cannot protect the building.

Online backup a viable disaster recovery tool
Vast technological potential has become more readily available in recent years. According to Best Backups contributor Peter Zaborszky, this is good news for small businesses who want to go even further than just backing up offsite.

"Online backups are the most convenient form of offsite remote backups nowadays," he wrote. "It used to be a thing only viable for major corporations with deep pockets, but now many providers in this space have changed the game and opened the luxury of having remote offsite backups to small businesses and personal users alike."

Given how far backup methodology has come, physical onsite storage of backups is no longer an advisable decision. In order to best be prepared for the most potential disasters, consider offsite storage and online recovery.

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