There' s a lot of data collected by federal government agencies; this must be protected from disaster.

Government organizations not confident of data recovery

Stephen Perkins

Although online data backup and disaster recovery may be of the utmost importance to government agencies that hold sensitive data, eWeek reported that a recent study from MeriTalk showed that just 8 percent of federal IT executives are confident that their disaster recovery solutions could retrieve 100 percent of data in the event of a disaster. Even those agencies that feel confident about their recovery abilities don't test their systems as often as they should,  as only 54 percent have tested their ability to retrieve documents in the past year.

According to the report, only one in four gave their agency an "A" in disaster recovery and data resilience preparedness.

Other numbers from the MeriTalk report show:
- By 2015, the amount of data agencies need to account for will grow 39 percent
- On average, there is 51 percent of capacity remaining in government systems
- Lack of budget, 68 percent, lack of support, 42 percent and incomplete solutions, also at 42 percent, were the top reasons identified by federal IT executives for lacking data backup

David Jacobs wrote on TechTarget that online data backup services can be ideal for agencies and businesses that have facilities only located in one geographical area. Organizations that have additional branches and remote offices can also benefit, as these backup services can allow multiple offices to have access to the same data.

"These services must be continually monitored to ensure backups are completed," he wrote. "You may also add extra protection by hosting extremely secure facilities with redundant power and connections to Internet service providers."

MeriTalk's report said federal agencies must improve security against disasters that may happen and consider online data backup. This helps put distance between where data is stored and where operations take place. Leveraging backup solutions can improve how the organization works together as a whole.

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