Organizations must be sure their home office is ready for any disaster which may come.

Home site should be priority in disaster recovery

Stephen Perkins

Planning, work hours and resources for making the home site or office a key part of the disaster recovery planning process is an absolute necessity, according to industry professional Michelle Ziperstein on Data Center Knowledge. Without having this properly set up, companies have the potential to get stuck in their recovery environment.

"In addition to the cost of operating from a rented data center, your failover solution will very likely fall short of the full resources you had at the home site, causing your company to operate below efficiency and losing business to competitors who managed to restore faster," she wrote.

A restoration plan should allow the company to quickly assess what kind of damage is at their home site and figure out how they can get the business up and running there again. The organization should recognize the possibility that a temporary site may have to house some of the employees for a while, but a plan should be in place either way to ensure no unnecessary costs are racked up by the business.

CSO Online said organizations also need to be sure to develop a testing procedure when starting a disaster recovery plan to be sure everything will work the way it needs to. Technology, personnel readiness and the facilities will all need to be tested to be sure all will react as it needs to.

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