Companies cannot let a hurricane ruin their business.

Hurricane season means data backup should be in place

Stephen Perkins

Hurricane season started this month and while many businesses may not be in range to be affected by one structurally, online data backup, data centers and the spread of the internet have made it necessary to prepare. The News-Press spoke with Mark Schwartz, president and owner of Storm Force in Naples, Fla., who said people don't like to think about storms affecting their business, but said his company knows what kind of damage these forces of nature can bring and utilizes a data backup system.

There is also a business continuity plan in place at his organization, he told the news source, saying files are backed up online and the company is situated in a heavy-duty building to attempt to withstand a storm.

"We could probably use some improvement," he said of the continuity plan. "But we're really focused on those things that could help us serve our customers."

FEMA stated that information technology systems must have connectivity, data, hardware and software. All of these aspects must be covered under any kind of plan for disaster recovery, but data backup should be the main consideration, as companies need to protect proprietary information that would be costly to reproduce.

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